VegFest T-shirts & Tank Tops Reprint

Slim Fit
Loose Fit (unisex)

Did you miss your chance to get an official VegFest T-shirt? We are doing a second run – and including tank tops and kids’ sizes too!

All shirts are $20 (add $3 if you want it mailed to you) or you can pick up from Bubbie’s house in Greece.  Order by October 17th.  Select size, style, and delivery option when purchasing below.

Please include your address if we’re shipping.  For pickup, we’ll email you when the shirts are ready.

If you already pre-paid at the festival, your t-shirts will be in this run. Thanks!


Thank you, volunteers!

So many people came together to make VegFest a success!

We want to give a big thank-you to Kim for being our treasurer and RAVS rep, Leanne for being our designer, artist, and webmaster, and Darren for being our carpenter and all-around go-getter. In addition to taking on those big jobs, they took on numerous small jobs that needed to be done.  All three also worked hard at Friday’s event and from dawn to dusk at VegFest.

Thank you to Martha for staffing the Animal Rights Rochester table all day; to Harold for speaking, tabling, and donating to ARRoc the proceeds from selling DVDs; to Carol B for working tirelessly at the RAVS tent all day, and to the numerous RAVS volunteers who supported her; and to Ted for speaking and bringing his telescope to the Rochester Lifestyle Medicine tent so that attendees could look at sunspots.

Huge thank you to Michael H for his help on Friday, and all day Saturday, doing whatever was needed – including the Ask a Vegan booth!  Robin, Don – you guys were great with the Friday Set-up and Saturday morning with the vendors! Thanks to Mike Q for all the help with the park planning and running around for us on Friday and Saturday. Thanks to Robyn, Varun, and Leanne for helping with the Dinner and a Movie Friday night!

Thank you Mike L for coming all the way from Syracuse to help on Saturday. Kudos to Justin and Debora for hopping around to do whatever was needed all day long!

Thanks to Christine and Graham for helping to raise money with the bean bag toss! Daryl, Deb K, Teddy, Patricia, and Jen W – thanks for helping with all the random tasks on Saturday!

Yoga was kept going all day long thanks to great people like Jenny, Mera, Karol and Imani.

Thanks to Suzanne for helping with the volunteer list. Paula, Shea, Julia, Miriam, Elise, and Beth –  thanks for helping with the VegFest Table – (and Beth and Elise – special thanks for hopping on to the Kids Area with just a moment’s notice!

And speaking of the Kids Area – Courtney – you ROCK! You were there all day and always smiling! Your teammates Celina, Chelsea, and Leslie did an awesome job sharing the fun with the kids and making them feel included!

Kelly-Jo and Michael S helped spread the word with Poster Advertising in the days before the VegFest!

Set-up on Saturday was like a finely choreographed dance – Darren, Don, Doug, Shari, Elizabeth, Graham, Krista, Lori, Melaney – the vendors all appreciated how hard you worked to make their day easier.

Thanks to Mike S for being ready at 5:30 am to help with two truckloads of things going to VegFest.

Thank you to Joel for helping in the lodge with the raffles, and thank you Phyllis for the help in the lodge area. The raffle ticket sellers sure kept you busy – Ashley, Danielle, Deborah, Fawn, Jill, Marie, Rene, Rosemary, Savannah, Brittany, Kyle (and of course, Finn!) you all did a great job, even though you were hot, thirsty, and in need of a break! Thanks, JP, for helping with Tech Support and recording the speakers.

Alexandra, Tessa, Justin, and everyone who hung around to the end- thanks for helping with tear-down!

Our deepest regrets if we have left anyone off this list.

The event would have been impossible without the numerous hours and generous spirits of all who contributed. Many, many thanks to each of you for making our first VegFest so exceptional!

Speciesism Recap

Our Dinner and a Movie event Friday night was a huge success!  Fifty-five people came out for Greek spreads and bread dip (thanks for the donation, Voula!), Buddha Bowls from Red Fern, and cupcakes from Happy Cakes, followed by a showing of Speciesism: The Movie, and then a talk by its director Mark Devries.  Thank you to everyone who attended, everyone who bid in the silent auction, and to the item donors.  Thank you to Cam F. Awesome for MC-ing and Mark Devries for bringing his film and speaking.  We were glad other VegFest speakers Mike Stura, Kerry Graff, Ted Barnett, and Jo-Anne MacArthur could attend.

Thank you to Jack & Meg for donating two tickets. Thank you to organizers and everyone who helped out or brought stuff either to use, eat, or donate: Mary, Bubbie, Deb, Kim, Darren, Mike, Leanne, Robyn, Varun, Andy, Michael, Rosemary, and Ted. People helped in so many big and little ways I can’t possibly list everything everyone did.

Wegmans and Mary

I want to thank Wegmans again for the $200 gift card they donated.  We used it for food for volunteers.  Thank you to Mary for picking it up and making vegan cheese spread and grilled peppers and onions (in her spare time!), which my daughter and I made into wraps and delivered to hungry volunteers at their posts.  I hope I found everyone!