Ian Cramer

We are excited to have Ian Cramer joining us!

He will be giving a talk entitled, “Overfed and undernourished: the relationship between food, health and disease.”

Ian Cramer, MS, ATC, aka The Plant-Based Cyclist, is an Athletic Trainer by trade. Educated at Alfred University and Miami University, his plant-based journey started in 2011 when he received the movie Forks Over Knives for Christmas. Ever since watching it, he’s been passionate about learning and educating others on how they can become healthier through diet and lifestyle changes. As a competitive cyclist, he competes in criteriums, road races and has even competed in triathlons, all powered by plants. His most passionate endeavor has him interviewing medical doctors and scholars of lifestyle medicine as host of The Ian Cramer Podcast. He lives in Rochester with his wife and 2 dogs.