Golden Dynasty

Golden Dynasty Chinese Restaurant has an enormous new vegan menu.  You may be familiar with their vegetarian menu, but the vegan menu is even larger with many items from their Chinese-language-only menu.

You can ask for a vegan menu in the restaurant.  Here is their Happy Cow entry.

John’s Tex Mex

John’s Tex Mex has many vegan options, and now you can ask for a vegan menu when you go in!  They also have rotating vegan dinner specials on Monday that they post ahead of time on Facebook and Instagram, and do Buffalo Tofu Tacos and Burritos on Saturdays.  Located on South Avenue, they have indoor and outdoor seating and serve lunch, dinner, and drinks.  They have a coupon on our Roc Vegan Savings Card!  Here is their Happy Cow entry.

Restaurant Cards

You can use these free cards to let restaurants know you’d like them to participate in the Roc Vegan Guide!

Look for them at the Rochester Vegan Community Center.  They’re in an acrylic box outside the door, so you can stop by anytime!