SWAG Bags!

We packed the SWAG bags Monday, filled with goodies from sponsors and donors!

No cat included, but we will be adding a cold can of Zevia, a shelf-stable bottle of Good Karma flax milk, and a little something from Lori’s Natural Foods!

Pictured donors are:

We are so grateful for these donors for helping make VegFest awesome – and thank you to volunteers Bubbie, Kim, Jessica, Darren, and Tina for putting together the bags!

Be one of the first 100 attendees to donate $3 or more at the festival, and you’ll receive a free SWAG bag in addition to your free raffle ticket!

VegFest Dinner

Would you like to get together to relax and have dinner with everyone the night before VegFest?  So would we!

We’re going to offer a lovely but low-key dinner Friday night September 14th at the big tent for VegFest at Martin Luther King Jr. Park.  It will be a vegan potluck with two options, pick one:

  1. $5 at the door: bring $5 and a vegan dish to share and receive $5 worth of raffle tickets (2) for use on Saturday.  Please follow ARRoc’s vegan potluck rules.
  2. $15 paid below by 9/13: Andrea at Red Fern provides your offering (must be paid in advance).  You just show up and receive 2 raffle tickets for Saturday.  Deadline is past, but you are still welcome to join us for option #1!

We will provide dishes, glasses, and silverware.  If you’d like a hot drink (tea) it would be helpful if you bring a mug.  Please bring serving utensils if you are bringing a dish.  We ask that all able-bodied attendees plan to help set up and clean up, so that VegFest committee members can relax, too!

T-shirts will be ready for volunteers and those who purchased.

  • 5:30 pm – arrive and set up
  • 6:00 pm – buffet is open
  • 8:00 pm – clean up
  • 8:30 pm – good night!

Institute for Animal Happiness

Thank you to our friends at The Institute for Animal Happiness, for donating a raffle basket!  The raffle basket will include some of the vegan-message items they sell.

What is the IFAH?  Rebecca says,

“We create art and opportunities that encourage joy, learning, non-speciesist dialogue and positive action for animals that is grounded in a vegan, animal rights = human rights (Intersectional) philosophy. IFAH also creates empowering and fun message-wear that helps support our animal rescue, care & advocacy efforts – and has supported the efforts of many great organizations. We also make spontaneous gifts of our merch to hard working animal rights advocates in the trenches, because we’ve been there and know that a sign of support and a warm hat in winter can be meaningful when you are outside caring for animals or leafletting in the cold.”

Among many other things, they have recorded a song, Animal Anthem.