Lion & Luxe

Lion & LuxeWe welcome Lion & Luxe to VegFest!

They offer holistic wellness programs, including strength, aesthetics, flexibility, mindfulness and recovery.  They tell me they strive to share their passions with the community and make a positive impact in the lives of those around us. They’ll be offering Massage and Reiki Services at VegFest.

Citizen’s Climate Lobby

We’re so happy that Citizen’s Climate Lobby is returning to VegFest!

They strive to empower citizens to influence their members of Congress, and spread the idea that each one of us can address climate change.  They strongly support the Carbon Fee and Dividend plan.

“Carbon Fee and Dividend, a revenue-neutral carbon tax with 100% of the net revenue returned directly to households, will reduce greenhouse gas emissions 52% below 1990 levels within 20 years while growing the economy and saving lives.”