Golden Dynasty

Golden Dynasty Chinese Restaurant has an enormous new vegan menu.  You may be familiar with their vegetarian menu, but the vegan menu is even larger with many items from their Chinese-language-only menu.

You can ask for a vegan menu in the restaurant.  Here is their Happy Cow entry.

Good Food Collective

Good Food Collective is returning to VegFest!

The GFC offers flexible year-round access to fresh food from local farmers. Their deliveries and community pickups are a convenient way to source local, sustainably grown ingredients. They offer many weekly vegan shares such as veggie and fruit boxes, specialty mushrooms and veggie burgers, and also have an online marketplace of local add-ons like kombucha, kimchi and polenta.

They will be bringing fruit and veggies to sample, plus a few items for sale such as kimchi, maple syrup, apple cider and pear jam.

Off Leash Apparel

Off Leash Apparel is coming to VegFest!  This vegan-owned local business’ main focus is on animal rescue, adoption and liberation. They donate 10% of profits to local animal shelters and rescues in the area, and another 10% to national animal organizations including Operation Glass Walls and In Defense of Animals.