Harold Brown

We are so happy that Harold Brown will be speaking at VegFest!

Harold Brown, appearing in the documentary Peaceable Kingdom, The Journey Home, spent half of his life in agriculture. Growing up on a beef farm in Michigan and later working in the dairy industry, Harold has been involved in the behind-the-scenes operations of food production that uses animals.

Today Harold is an activist advocating for sustainable food production, social and environmental justice, animal liberation, and peace through non-violence.

In addition to his talk, you may also find Harold at the Animal Rights Rochester tent at other times of the festival, if you’d like to stop by and talk to him.


Citizen Coalition for Wildlife and Environment

Welcome to Citizen Coalition for Wildlife and Environment, who will have a booth at the VegFest.  They’re based in Grand Island, NY, and we’re excited that they’re coming to provide information to people about how we can help animals that live free.  Check out their projects to see how you can help.

They’ll be bringing a gift basket to our raffle lineup – thanks!

Rochester People’s Climate Coalition

Welcome to RPCC, which will have a booth at VegFest!

The Rochester People’s Climate Coalition unites local organizations to address the urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, transition to a clean energy economy, and prepare for the impacts of global warming.

RPCC makes a strong connection between diet and climate change.  We are excited that they’re coming!

Dr. Bruce Monger

Bruce MongerWe’re so happy to have Dr. Bruce Monger joining us to talk about animal agriculture and our oceans!

Dr. Monger received his PhD in Oceanography from the University of Hawaii, Manoa in 1993. He was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland for two years before coming to Cornell in 1997 as a Senior Researcher, and more recently a Senior Lecturer, in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences. Bruce’s research centers on the use of satellite observations to study how natural variability in ocean dynamics impacts marine ecosystems at ocean basin and global scales. He teaches a highly popular course at Cornell University: “Introductory Oceanography” with an attendance that has grown to over 1,000 students. A major theme the course centers of environmental threats to the ocean and the importance of citizen activism to pressure leaders to act now to make a more sustainable world that is fair to future generations. His course was featured as part of a New York Times article on interesting courses in the United States.