Ecco Bella

Thanks to Ecco Bella for donating items for a gift basket in our raffle lineup!

Ecco Bella sells cruelty-free beauty products.  “Ecco Bella was founded out of protest to the use of animals; showing compassion and respect for all living beings on the planet is our reason for existence. All EB products are guaranteed cruelty-free.”

Herbivore Clothing Company

Thanks to The Herbivore Clothing Company for donating merchandise to our huge raffle!

They started in a spare bedroom in Portland, Oregon in 2002.  In 2007 they and some fellow vegan entrepreneurs opened retail locations together forming a vegan mini-mall!

Herbivore Clothing designs clothes, and manufactures belts and wallets.  They sell stickers, buttons, hats, jewelry, books, and housewares from their store and online.

“Our approach has always been to show veganism as a positive choice that gives you back so much more than you give up. Compassion Is Invincible!”

Everyday Gourmet

Thank you to our Bronze Sponsor Everyday Gourmet Bakery & Cafe! Our sponsors help us bring you Rochester’s first VegFest.

This vegan restaurant is located in Sodus, NY and offers delivery to Rochester.

In addition to their sponsorship, they’ll be serving their amazing food at the VegFest, no delivery charge!

They’re also putting some goodies in our SWAG bags, so get to the Fest early!

Thanks for all you do, Everyday Gourmet!

Meatless Millennial

Thanks to our sponsor Meatless Millennial for donating T-shirts to our huge raffle lineup!

Their site is dedicated to helping people go and stay vegan with recipes, open dialogue, informative articles, and tips on the vegan lifestyle. They also have vegan message-wear so you can continue to spread the word without even saying one.