Speciesism Recap

Our Dinner and a Movie event Friday night was a huge success!  Fifty-five people came out for Greek spreads and bread dip (thanks for the donation, Voula!), Buddha Bowls from Red Fern, and cupcakes from Happy Cakes, followed by a showing of Speciesism: The Movie, and then a talk by its director Mark Devries.  Thank you to everyone who attended, everyone who bid in the silent auction, and to the item donors.  Thank you to Cam F. Awesome for MC-ing and Mark Devries for bringing his film and speaking.  We were glad other VegFest speakers Mike Stura, Kerry Graff, Ted Barnett, and Jo-Anne MacArthur could attend.

Thank you to Jack & Meg for donating two tickets. Thank you to organizers and everyone who helped out or brought stuff either to use, eat, or donate: Mary, Bubbie, Deb, Kim, Darren, Mike, Leanne, Robyn, Varun, Andy, Michael, Rosemary, and Ted. People helped in so many big and little ways I can’t possibly list everything everyone did.

Wegmans and Mary

I want to thank Wegmans again for the $200 gift card they donated.  We used it for food for volunteers.  Thank you to Mary for picking it up and making vegan cheese spread and grilled peppers and onions (in her spare time!), which my daughter and I made into wraps and delivered to hungry volunteers at their posts.  I hope I found everyone!

Kitchen Verde

Thank you to Sarah at Kitchen Verde for bringing food for volunteers to VegFest.  There was rice and black beans, tofu, and a wonderful corn salad that was so welcome on a hot day.  We scraped those pans clean.  Kitchen Verde was scheduled to be a vendor, but unfortunately had to cancel, so we’re sorry attendees didn’t get to have any.

Balsam Bagels

I want to thank Balsam Bagels for giving us vegan cream cheese and dozens of bagels the morning of VegFest.  They were most welcome to the many volunteers who came very early to help set up.  Thanks to Mike Q for picking them up!  The gift certificate they also donated was a big hit in the raffle.  I hope everyone has seen their new vegan menu.  Thanks to Mary for encouraging them to do that; they told her it had really increased their business.

Natural Oasis

Thank you to Natural Oasis for the $25 gift card for our raffle!

Natural Oasis is a vegan restaurant at 288 Monroe Avenue.  They have daily buffets, and a la carte items most evenings.

Buy raffle tickets until about 3 pm and put them in the bags of the items you’d like to win – drawings are at 3:30 in the lodge.  You do not need to be present to win – be sure to write legibly!  If we can’t read your writing, we have to pick another ticket!